Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Sellatr and the other solution in the market ?

Traditional software require you to pay a lot of money and spend a lot of time to get your own copy installed on your devices ,pay for support ,updates and for hosting your data , but on Sellatr we provide all our solutions as a services so you will only to pay monthly subscription and got all the solutions you need running immediately .

If I didn’t like the service can I cancel it?

Sure, even we know that once you worked on Sellatr you will love it but ofcourse you can cancel the service any time and pay only for the time you used it.

What do you mean with free account ?

We provide you with 30 day for free to test the all solution and after these 30 days you can continue for free for only one branch but without any other services

Where my data hosted and how can I make sure from your security ?

We are using only first class servers and hosing providers like Amazon and iBM , all the data are backed up automatically daily and all passwords are encrypted and secured by the SSL layer

What if I need any support ,how can I get it?

We are providing a lot ways to support you starting from the online manuals ,video , live chat and tickets, we also getting more partners every day to give you more support wherever you are .

Do you offer the needed Hardwar like Printers ,cash drawers and Touch screens?

Currently we don’t but we are working on that through our partners to provide you with a wide selection of recommended hardware .

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